About Matching Grout Colors

Grout Rejuvenator matches colors to national name brands of grout. For Example: If you were to purchase a bag of grout at a big box store “Home Depot” you would be purchasing Custom Polyblend Grout. We match their color charts. Grout Rejuvenator is not associated with any national brands of grout, but we match other grout company’s charts for contractors who need specific shades or colors that their client has requested.
If you don’t have the need to match a specific name brand of grout then simply pick the best shade that suits your current needs for your floor tile. It makes no difference what type of grout is on your floor at this time.

Grout Rejuvenator will work with all types of grout manufacturers.

Grout Color Charts

Grout Rejuvenator Polyblend Colors

Grout Rejuvenator Laticrete Colors

Grout Rejuvenator TEC Colors

Grout Rejuvenator Mapei Colors

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