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Questions about Color

How to Choose the Right Grout Stain Color for Your Tile
Selecting the ideal shade is easy with Grout Rejuvenator. We match our products to all major national brand grout companies, ensuring you can find the exact shade you need. If you don’t have a specific brand in mind, feel free to choose any color from our diverse range that suits your project’s aesthetics.

Creating Custom Grout Colors

Yes, you can blend different Grout Rejuvenator colors to achieve a unique, customized shade for your project
Grout Rejuvenator can be used to lighten grout to any desired shade.
If the stain color doesn’t match expectations, AmeriTech will exchange colors, though additional shipping charges apply.
Grout Rejuvenator effectively restores faded grout to a like-new appearance.

Questions about Application

Test the product in a closet or under furniture to ensure the color match meets your expectations.
On average, a quart of Grout Rejuvenator covers about 600-800 sq ft of tile, with a double coating.

Application on Floor and Wall Tiles

Absolutely! Grout Rejuvenator is versatile and can be used effectively on both floor and wall tiles.
Application over previously sealed grout depends on the type of sealant used. Stripping the old sealer is often recommended.

Surface Preparation for Grout Staining

For the best results, we recommend deep cleaning the tile and grout using an acidic-based grout cleaner, like Sparks Grout Cleaner, before application
Sparks Grout Cleaner effectively removes set stains. For stubborn cases, color sealing with Grout Rejuvenator is recommended
Sparks Grout Cleaner is effective in removing pet odors and stains from grout.
Use warm water and a micro-fiber towel for cleaning. A scrub pad may be needed for more porous tiles.

Applying Grout Rejuvenator Products

For optimal results, use a 1.5 half inch trim paintbrush to apply Grout Rejuvenator after thoroughly cleaning the floor. This method ensures an even and professional finish.

Drying Time for Grout Stain

Grout Rejuvenator generally dries within 10-15 minutes in well-ventilated areas or with the aid of a fan. However, drying times can vary based on environmental conditions.
Floors are ready for foot traffic within 15-20 minutes after Grout Rejuvenator application.

Questions about aftercare:

Sealing After Staining
No, it’s not necessary to seal the grout after applying Grout Rejuvenator, as it already provides lasting color and protection.
Grout Rejuvenator is waterproof and helps prevent mold and mildew growth in grout.

Reapplication Frequency of Grout Stain

Grout Rejuvenator typically lasts 5-10 years in residential settings with proper maintenance. Commercial spaces may require more frequent application.
Maintain your tiles with regular sweeping and mopping using neutral cleaners. Avoid products like Pine Sol or Fabuloso.

Questions about storing the product:

Shelf Life of Grout Products
When stored in climate-controlled conditions, our grout cleaning and staining products can last between 3-5 years.

Grout Cleaning Service offered:

Schedule a Grout Cleaning Service with Ameritech Industries, Contact us at 941-429-1959 for a free estimate or quote on our grout cleaning services that provides comprehensive grout restoration services across Southwest Florida. We do residential and commercial.
AmeriTech Industries specializes in commercial applications, including hotels and resorts, ensuring professional-grade results.
The time varies but most floors and walls can be completed within a few hours, depending on the area size and tile dimensions.

We offer a 5-year warranty against peeling of Grout Rejuvenator when applied by AmeriTech Industries and properly maintained.


Our products are safe around children and pets, though ingestion and unsupervised access should be avoided.
Use rubber gloves and eye protection when handling Sparks Grout Cleaner.

Questions about Bulk Ordering

Bulk rates are available. Contact us at 941-429-1959 for more information.
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